Calf Feeds - (20% & 16% Meal)

The Hay and Straw Company in association with Harvest Grains now offer a range of 20% and 16% Cereal Calf Meal to help cater for the growing needs of your calves.

Harvest Grains range of Cereal Meals are mixed upon order so you can be assured that what you are feeding to your animals is fresh.

Harvest Grains Cereal Meals are based around the mix of Maize, Barley & Peas with Nutritechs mineral premix  and with no fillers Calves will love the taste and take to it at an early age.


20% - $930-00 Tonne Delivered plus GST

16% - $910-00 Tonne Delivered plus GST




Our Pricing

Call us for more information on our current stock levels.

*Prices based on UNIT loads (Truck & Trailer)

*Prices INCLUDE DELIVERY to the greater WAIKATO

*For pricing to other areas Ph: 0800478729

*Half load options available


*Prices can change without notice and may not always be shown correctly on the website.


  • Barley:  $6-50BE (13 & 14 BE Sq - 72 Bales T&T)
  • Rye:      $350 Tonne (48 Sq per load)
  • Wheat:  $6-50BE

  • Lucerne: $120-00 (42 Per Load)
  • Meadow:$120-00 (42 Per Load

  • SQ: $8-50 BE (12 & 14 BE) 
  • Os: $8-50BE (15 BE or 5Ft)
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